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Akiden Ventures

Growth Squad for Ambitious Startups



Supported by Akiden Ventures

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Founded and supported by Akiden Ventures

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Supported by Akiden Ventures



Co-founded and supported by Akiden Ventures

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Growing Businesses

Akiden Ventures is a Growth Squad, a team of digital specialists whose goal is to accelerate the growth of ambitious startups. Akiden acts as a preferred investor and supports the startups it works with across three axes:


Akiden invests between CHF 200,000 and CHF 500,000 in the startups it supports


Akiden provides strategic support (coaching, board participation, etc…)


Akiden offers advanced operational skills through its Growth Squad

Acceleration through the Growth Squad

Because investment alone is far from sufficient to make a digital project successful, the Akiden Growth Squad consists of Specialists / Gurus from different key digital specialities. The startup may choose to work for a specific period with the members of the squad whose specialties will enable it to accelerate its development, or to fill its gaps.

How much is Akiden investing

The first fund of Akiden has a capital of 5 million, which will be invested in 8 to 10 startups by 2019. This means two to three new startups accompanied each year.

Profiles of startups supported

Akiden invests in startups where the very essence of the project is digital and meets the following parameters:

Then it’s a question of gut feel…

Steve Savioz

We choose to work with leaders who inspire us and whose vision is limitless.

Steve SaviozCEO
  • Sales

    The startup must prove its model by making sales, even if still insignificant.

  • Scalability

    It should be possible to expand the model to generate strong growth.

  • Ambition

    We are looking for entrepreneurs who are full of ambition.

  • Funds

    The startup must be looking for funding or ready to open its capital.

  • Location

    The startup will preferably be in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, but with an international focus.

Does your startup fit the profile?

Launching its own ventures

In parallel with these investments, Akiden initiates its own projects. These are original ideas it commences and entrusts to ambitious entrepreneurs under the framework of a new startup. Do you have the talent and perseverance of an entrepreneur in the digital market but haven’t yet defined your project, or perhaps you don’t want to go into it alone?