A platform to simplify the daily life of parents: Akiden launches 1,2,3 kiD!

1,2,3 kiD is a project incubated within Akiden Ventures since its conception. The idea originates from the observation of 3 parents: conciling an easy-going daily life while preparing one’s children for the future is almost an impossible job. Deciding to tackle this issue to find solutions for their own kids, the founders decided to make it a platform for exchange and sharing in order to benefit all other parents. From that step, the 1,2,3 kiD project was born…

1,2,3 kiD’s mission is therefore to drastically simplify parents’ daily lives to promote their children’s development. How? By providing access to relevant, practical content based on experts’ work and recommendations. The site focuses on learning through play to allow parents to integrate intelligent activities into their daily lives without this becoming a constraint.

In order to propose appropriate solutions, the project was first subjected to an in-depth analysis of the kids’ education market. The young parents’ market is indeed very competitive but it often focuses on pregnancy and babies: beyond the age of 3, it becomes difficult to find reliable, accessible and practical advice. It is therefore naturally in this niche that 1,2,3 kiD could provide a real added value.

The recommendations of 1,2,3 kiD, quickly renamed iDKooL, are structured around various themes (such as logic, creativity or self-confidence). The content is personalised according to the age of the children, with explanations, tips, ideas for activities to do yourself or recommendations for games or books to help the child develop this or that skill.

One watchword: everything that is offered on 123kid.org website must be fun AND relevant. It is a question of valuing the child’s “work”, i. e. play. Children learn better while having fun!

1,2,3 kiD is a project managed by Diane Lapaque who, after more than 12 years with multinationals such as Procter & Gamble and Nestle, decided to create this new company to respond to the educational issues she is familiar with: “You learn to be a parent every day, regardless of age or number of children. I have 3 children and I continue to learn every day. There is no school to become a parent. In a fast-changing world, it is important to give parents some ideas to help them to best support their children, without stress.

Diane is supported by experienced entrepreneurs – Steve Savioz and Raphaël Garcia – and has benefited from the expertise of the Growth Squad to start 1,2,3 kiD. And that’s just the beginning! The young company intends to develop new services with high added value, always dedicated to simplifying parents’ lives while contributing to their children’s development. The 1,2,3 kiD team is also committed to promoting equal opportunities in a more direct way. It is therefore the beginning of an ambitious adventure….

For more information, visit www.123kid.org