Akiden Supports Crokeo Startup’s Development

Akiden is proud to announce its collaboration with the start up Crokeo! This young Swiss company is an ecological delivery service for healthy, tailor-made kibbles for dogs and cats at home in French-speaking Switzerland. Launched just over a year ago by two talented entrepreneurs, Crokeo joined the Akiden Ventures accelerator to benefit from the skills of its Growth Squad as part of its expansion.

Crokeo is based on a model that has proven itself in England and France in particular and whose rapid start-up in Switzerland demonstrates that the concept meets a real expectation of pet owners here as well.

Their pets’ health is the main concern of dog and cat owners in Switzerland. Nutrition is the most important factor affecting their health, and thus the quality and length of their lives. The purchase of kibbles is not without certain constraints, firstly personal (quality of the food, the need to travel to buy the food and to carry kibbles packs that are often heavy) but also environmental (waste and over-consumption of plastic). From this observation was born the concept of Crokeo: gourmet and quality kibbles, delivered each month in the right quantity on the doorstep, in reusable containers, while being less harmful to the planet thanks to an ecological transport service.

Crokeo has partnered with a Swiss laboratory to develop a range of premium gluten-free and low in cereals kibbles for dogs and cats. In order to offer tailor-made solutions, Crokeo has an online animal dietary calculator to determine the ideal quantity of croquettes to give to each animal. The food is then delivered at home on a monthly basis. With each delivery, the empty containers are collected and replaced by full jars and drums. The delivery rounds, which are very precisely defined, are carried out with an eco-responsible vehicle.

Crokeo’s development objectives are ambitious

Following the successive opening of delivery zones in Geneva, Lausanne, the Coast, the Riviera, Neuchâtel and Fribourg, Crokeo will offer its services throughout all the French-speaking area by the summer of 2020 and is already working on its expansion in German-speaking Switzerland in the second half of the year. In addition to its geographical deployment, the team wishes to accentuate its collaborations with actors committed to environmental protection. After a first partnership with Oceaneye, Crokeo intends to multiply measures to contribute to raising awareness and act at the local level to preserve the Swiss ecosystem.

This is also the reason why the start up is now working to produce its entire nutritional range for dogs, cats (and for future other animals) exclusively in Switzerland. Currently: 7 of the 9 ranges of croquettes proposed today by Crokeo to its customers are made in Switzerland, 2 hours from Lausanne. “By optimizing the production and distribution channels of our products as much as possible, we de facto minimize our carbon footprint, thus allowing the company but also each of our customers to take a small step further in the protection of our beautiful planet” says Mathieu Maillard, founder of the project.

Already serving more than 500 customers in French-speaking Switzerland every month, Crokeo is now accompanied by Akiden Ventures experts to maximize its growth prospects at the national level with the ambition to become the preferred nutritional reference partner for dog and cat owners in Switzerland, so the adventure has only just begun!