Casting : Akiden is looking for future associates/CEOs for new ventures

In order to develop new ventures within a medium-term framework, Akiden is looking for candidates with a passion for digital technology and entrepreneurship.

What we offer:

– The chance to work in a team of specialists in other digital areas. A demanding and ambitious team.

Short-term opportunities:

-A 12-month paid internship at Euranka, a fast-growing company founded and supported by Akiden Ventures.

-You will develop a new business project within the company.

-You will have to tackle the different challenges usually encountered by digital entrepreneurs.

-You will progress rapidly both in the digital and the entrepreneurial field.

-An engaging job in a great working environment.


Mid-term opportunities for those who will have impressed us during their internship:

-A fixed-term position at Euranka

-The possibility to remain in a world full of opportunities


Mid-term opportunities for the entrepreneurs who will have impressed AND surprised us during their internship and also demonstrated their entrepreneurial qualities:

-A joint think-tank on a common project or startup to launch.

-A Co-Ownership of the startup launched.

-You will be co-founder, CEO and associate of the startup, and will enjoy support, resources and opportunities for advancement provided by Akiden Ventures.


What we are looking for:

-An entrepreneurial spirit.

-A true passion for digital technologies.

-Exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills.

-Future associates ready to put their body and soul into the projects they will undertake.

-The awareness that entrepreneurship comes with many sacrifices – but is also extremely formative, rewarding and enriching!

Interested in the job ? Send your CV and some additional proof of your choice to confirm that you meet our requirements.